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Chain guide rail
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Chain guide rail

UHMW PE chain guide rail is a component that supports and guides the movement of chains in a conveyor system. It is usually made of extruded or machined UHMW PE material, which has a very high molecular weight (over 3 million g/mol) and a high degree of crystallinity. This gives UHMW PE chain guide rail superior strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and self-lubrication properties. UHMW PE chain guide rail works by providing a smooth and stable surface for the chains to run on. The low coefficient of friction of UHMW PE reduces the frictional force between the chains and the guide rail, which reduces the power consumption and noise level of the conveyor system. The high abrasion resistance of UHMW PE prevents the guide rail from wearing out quickly due to constant contact with the chains. The high impact resistance of UHMW PE protects the guide rail from cracking or breaking due to sudden shocks or loads. The high chemical resistance of UHMW PE makes it suitable for corrosive environments where other materials might degrade or corrode. The self-lubricating property of UHMW PE eliminates the need for external lubrication or maintenance, which saves time and money.
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Guidance from a professional chain guide rail supplier


UHMW PE chain guide rail is a type of plastic guide rail that is used to support and guide chains in various industrial applications. UHMW PE stands for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer with high abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient, and excellent impact strength. UHMW PE chain guide rail has many advantages over metal or wood guide rails, such as:

- Reduces noise and vibration caused by chain movement.
- Prevents chain wear and extends chain life.
- Resists corrosion, chemical attack, and moisture absorption.
- Easy to install and maintain.

UHMW PE chain guide rail can be customized to fit different chain sizes and shapes, or depending on the standard of roller chain, It can also be machined to have grooves, slots, holes, or other features to suit specific needs. UHMW PE chain guide rail is widely used in industries such as food processing, beverage bottling, packaging, mining, textile, paper making, and more. UHMW PE chain guide rail is a cost-effective and reliable solution for chain conveying systems.



- Increased efficiency: By reducing friction and power consumption, UHMW PE chain guide rail can increase the speed and throughput of your conveyor system.
- Extended service life: By resisting wear and tear, impact and chemical damage, UHMW PE chain guide rail can last longer than other materials and reduce downtime and replacement costs.
- Improved safety: By reducing noise and vibration levels, UHMW PE chain guide rail can create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your employees.
- Enhanced performance: By providing a smooth and stable support for your chains, UHMW PE chain guide rail can improve the accuracy and reliability of your conveyor system.


Where can I find the a reliable supplier of Chain guide rail?

If you are interested in using UHMW PE chain guide rail for your conveyor system, you need to find a reliable supplier that can provide you with quality products at competitive prices. We, Huarun Rubber & Plastic Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic products in China. We have over 20 years of experience in producing various kinds of plastic products, including UHMWPE sheet/profiles/parts/customized products etc.. We have advanced equipment and technology to ensure our products meet international standards. We also have professional engineers and technicians to design and customize our products according to your specifications. Just send us the drawing or the standard, we will calculate an accurate price for you.


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