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Chute liner
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Chute liner

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What is the UHMW PE Chute Liner: A Cost-Effective Solution for Abrasion and Impact Resistance

Chutes are widely used in various industries to transport bulk materials such as coal, sand, wood chips, gravel, etc. from one point to another. However, chutes are often exposed to high levels of abrasion and impact from the material flow, which can cause severe wear and damage to the chute surface and structure. This can result in increased maintenance costs, reduced efficiency, and safety hazards.

One way to protect chutes from wear and tear is to install a liner made of a durable and low-friction material that can withstand the harsh conditions. UHMW PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is one such material that has been proven to be an effective chute liner for various applications.

UHMW PE is a thermoplastic polymer that has a molecular weight of over 3 million g/mol, which gives it exceptional physical and mechanical properties. 


- High abrasion resistance: UHMW PE has a very low coefficient of friction and a high resistance to sliding wear. It can outperform steel, rubber, and other plastics in terms of abrasion resistance by up to 10 times .

- High impact resistance: UHMW PE has a very high toughness and can absorb shocks without cracking or breaking. It can withstand impacts up to 18 ft-lbs/in of notch, which is much higher than most other plastics.

- Excellent chemical resistance: UHMW PE is inert to most acids, bases, solvents, oils, and fuels. It does not corrode or degrade when exposed to harsh chemicals or environments.

- Low moisture absorption: UHMW PE does not absorb water or swell when wet. It maintains its dimensional stability and mechanical properties even in humid conditions.

- Easy fabrication: UHMW PE can be easily machined, cut, drilled, welded, or bonded using conventional methods. It can also be molded into various shapes and sizes according to the specific requirements of each application.

The grade include:

- Virgin: This is the purest form of UHMW PE with no additives or fillers. It has the highest abrasion resistance and impact strength among all grades.

- Reprocessed: This grade contains recycled UHMW PE material mixed with virgin resin. It has slightly lower properties than virgin grade but still offers good performance at a lower cost.

- Anti-static: This grade contains carbon black or other conductive additives that reduce static buildup on the surface of the liner. This prevents dust accumulation and sparks that could cause fire hazards or explosions.

- Oil-filled: This grade contains oil or other lubricants that enhance the slipperiness of the liner surface. This reduces friction and wear between the liner and the material flow.

- Glass-filled: This grade contains glass fibers that increase the stiffness and rigidity of the liner. This improves its dimensional stability under high temperatures and pressures.

Installation method

- Bolt-on: The liner is attached to the chute using bolts or screws through pre-drilled holes on both sides of
the liner.

- Weld-on: The liner is welded directly onto the metal surface of the chute using heat fusion or ultrasonic welding techniques.

- Adhesive-on: The liner is glued onto the chute using epoxy resin or other adhesives compatible with both materials.


Power generation
Wood processing
Food processing  .

They have helped reduce maintenance costs improve efficiency, and enhance safety by preventing material clogging, chute blockage, dust generation, noise pollution, and fire hazards.

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