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UHMW PE Marine fender facing pad
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UHMW PE Marine fender facing pad

Marine fenders are devices that absorb the kinetic energy of a ship or a boat during berthing or mooring, reducing the damage to both the vessel and the structure. They are usually installed on docks, piers, wharves, quays, jetties and other marine structures. One of the key components of a marine fender system is the facing pad, which is attached to the front surface of the fender or a steel panel. The facing pad serves as a contact point between the ship's hull and the fender system, providing a smooth and low-friction surface that minimizes abrasion and wear. The most common material used for facing pads is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE), which is a thermoplastic polymer with outstanding properties such as high impact strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and self-lubrication. UHMW PE has a molecular weight of 3.5 million to 9.2 million g/mol, which is much higher than other types of polyethylene. UHMW PE facing pads offer several advantages over other materials such as rubber or wood: - They have very low friction coefficient (0.05-0.11), which reduces drag force and fuel consumption for ships. - Excellent abrasion resistance (15 times higher than carbon steel), which prolongs their service life and reduces maintenance costs. - High impact strength (up to 200 kJ/m2), which absorbs shock energy and prevents cracking or breaking. - Good chemical resistance (resistant to seawater, oil, acid and alkali), which prevents corrosion or degradation. - UV and ozone resistance (no discoloration or aging), which preserves their appearance and performance. - Easy to install (can be cut, drilled, welded or bolted), which simplifies fabrication and installation processes. - 100% recyclable (can be reused or reprocessed), which reduces environmental impact. UHMW PE facing pads can be customized according to different specifications and dimensions to suit various types of marine fenders such as arch fenders, cell fenders, cone fenders and I fenders. UHMW PE facing pads can also be produced in different colors such as black, yellow, blue, red, green and orange to enhance visibility and aesthetics. UHMW PE facing pads are widely used in various marine applications such as Ports Harbors Terminals Shipyards Offshore platforms Naval bases Lock entrances Bridge buttresses Workboats
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UHMW PE Marine Fender Facing Pad is A Durable and Cost-Effective Solution for Dock Protection

Marine fenders are devices that protect ships and docks from damage caused by collisions or abrasions. They are usually made of rubber, steel or wood, and are installed on the sides of docks or piers. However, these materials can wear out over time due to exposure to seawater, UV rays, corrosion and impact forces. This can reduce the effectiveness of the fenders and increase the maintenance costs.

One way to extend the lifespan and performance of marine fenders is to use UHMW PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) facing pads. These are thin sheets of plastic that are attached to the surface of the fenders, creating a smooth and low-friction contact area with the ship's hull. UHMW PE is a thermoplastic material that has many advantages over other materials for marine applications.

Features and benefits

- High abrasion resistance: UHMW PE has a very low coefficient of friction, which means it can withstand repeated rubbing or sliding without wearing out. It also has a high impact strength, which means it can absorb shock and vibration without cracking or breaking.

- High corrosion resistance: UHMW PE is resistant to seawater, chemicals, acids and alkalis. It does not rust or corrode like metal or wood, and it does not degrade or rot like rubber. It can also withstand extreme temperatures from -269°C to +80°C without losing its properties.

- High UV resistance: UHMW PE is stable under sunlight and does not fade or discolor like other plastics. It also does not absorb water or moisture, which can cause swelling or shrinking in other materials.

- Low maintenance: UHMW PE marine fender facing pads do not require painting, coating or lubrication. They are easy to clean with water or detergent, and they do not harbor bacteria or algae growth. They also have a long service life of up to 20 years with minimal wear and tear.

- Low cost: UHMW PE marine fender facing pads are more economical than replacing worn-out fenders or repairing damaged docks. They also reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of ships by reducing the drag force during berthing.


UHMW PE marine fender facing pads come in various colors such as black, white, blue, green, red and yellow. They can also be customized in different sizes and shapes according to the specifications of the dock or ship owner. They can be easily installed on existing fenders using bolts, screws or adhesives.

UHMW PE marine fender facing pads are a durable and cost-effective solution for dock protection that can enhance the safety and efficiency of maritime operations. They are widely used in ports, harbors, terminals, shipyards and offshore platforms around the world.


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